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I have been attempting a few detox programmes in the last couple of years to help me to ease and relieve symptoms that come with my autoimmune syndrome, but not with much success due to a lot of restrictions in them. I struggle with restrictions. Some are so complicated and bombarded with so much info, that I feel overwhelmed.

Until I have come across Amrita Easy Detox. And let me tell you- It IS easy. As my menu consisted of all the recommended foods, I didn’t have to alter my meals in any way. All I had to do is drink 3 sachets per day. It is recommended to mix with coconut water, but I’ve used hemp milk. It mixes easily with the spoon, I loved the taste. The taste reminded me of some of the Asian curries.

I did the 7-day detox and that what I have noticed once I was done:

  • No severe pain or bloating after eating food with gluten (but do not take it as a green light to eat the glutenous food)
  • It was so much easier to control my appetite. Usually, I can’t go without food for more than an hour and I don’t feel full no matter how much I stuff myself. But by the end of day 4, I could easily have a 4-hour window between meals and do 12-hour fasting between dinner and breakfast. Hence I’ve lost 2kg
  • My huband was first to notice, 2 days after the end of detox, that whites of my eyes are no more have the yellow tint to them. They were actualy bright white. And I have attempted liver detoxes previously with no success.
  • No more bumpy skin on my arms

I’m going to be honest with you, I got too happy after I have eaten whole two slices of pizza with no consequences and desided to see how long will the effect last. 4 days eating bread, pasta etc with the rest of my family and it came back with the vengence 🙁  Today I woke up with severe joint pain, every single joint was in excrutiating pain. So I am going back on Easy Detox, but this time I am taking the 14 days course and no indulging on gluten after! Lesson learned yell

If you are like me, and like the easy way – I highly recommend for you to try one of the programmes. And after the course, I will continue to support my results with Amrita’s maintenance packs.

Amrita EASY DETOX™ ticked all the boxes:

  • Increase fat loss,
  • Reduce inflammation,
  • Provide extra energy,
  • Enable pain relief,
  • Curb sugar cravings and
  • Improve digestion.

The results were so great for me I caught up with the company and brought back the program to my clients and had arranged for everyone to experience the amazing range time and time again.