Jev’s Rebuild and Restore Fit is specialist fitness for women.

Would you like to feel confident to laugh, sneeze, jump and run again?

Reverse the symptoms of mild pelvic organ prolapse?

Would you like to improve your mummy tummy with diastasis?

Get rid of back pain?

Have that I’m-Proud-To-Be-A-Mother-And-A-Woman posture?

Feel sexy and strong again?

Then I look forward to meeting you soon!

I did it and I want to help You to do it too!


Ok, what are the most common obstacles mothers face pre and post baby? These were mine:

  • Had two kids. Born with 4.300 kg & 4 kg (over 9 pound babies);
  • Diastasis Recti 4 fingers wide;
  • A mess of a pelvic floor, incontinence and prolapse;
  • Poor metabolism;
  • Post natal weight to lose;
  • Undisciplined;
  • Hardly motivated;
  • Love food!
  • Little support from friends or family;
  • Poor social life;
  • Child with disability;
  • Suffer with low mood;
  • Binge eating bouts;
  • Suffer with Sjögren’s;
  • Lack of space, tiny flat;
  • Get bored easily.

But I have done it! I found my way back to optimal health, and I have maintained my results. I used to be 90kg (198+ pounds) before I had kids and with the proper resources, and baby steps, my weight is healthier than pre pregnancy and I feel stronger than ever. I have closed my diastasis recti from 4 fingers wide to only a half a finger and my core is STRONG!

It takes time and commitment. I’m working everyday to maintain achieved results. But you can’t rush progress! I simply took things one day at a time, and results followed. I’m not one of those super humans who make a goal, make a plan and stick to it religiously. No, that’s not me, this kind of approach stresses me out and I get depressed. I was taking baby steps, day by day. And it worked for me, it worked for me so far. I will help you to find approach best suited for You.

I feel better, stronger, healthier and I am glad to be a positive role model for my kids. They asking questions about healthy eating choices, what food will make them stronger, faster, give them beautiful hair. They join me with my exercises and make up their own and put me through their made up drills :))))

Involve your kids, let them join you and copy you alongside. Have fun with it! Don’t take it too seriously, and it won’t feel so overwhelming!

Enjoy yourself!


There is no shortage of options when it comes to workout DVDs, fitness studios, and workout equipment—so you might be wondering what makes my approach unique. For starters, I have been exactly where you are today – so I know where you are coming from. I have succeeded with rehabilitating my own diastasis recti, prolapse and urinary incontinence. Furthermore I have invested and undergone deeper training in my area of specialty achieving the following accreditations:

  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification with Baby & Me Fitness in Toronto, Canada.
  • Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming. London,UK.
  • Licensed Holistic Core Restore® Coach. UK
  • Gym Instructor L2. London, UK
  • Sports Massage Therapist L3. London, UK
  • C-Section, Hysterectomy & Abdominal Scar Soft Tissue Therapy.London, UK
  • Pegnancy & Post Natal Remedial Massage Therapist. London, UK


Let’s Do This Together—Reach Out Today So That We Can Get Started!