Have you ever thought: “I need to come in more regularly for a massage, but I get busy and forget to book.  Or ” I wish it was a bit more affordable”.?

So that’s what I have created. A simple no nonsense membership program designed to  provide routine  monthly treatments for you with great perks.  Membership  will help you to create a self care commitment, plus  you’ll be building a relationship with a thoughtful caring therapist provider. 


The monthly massage membership costs £60 per month and offers the following perks:

– One 60 minutes remedial massage treatment of your choice per calendar month

– Locked in prices as long as the membership is active.

– £10 discount on additional massage treatments. 

– Additional Free 60 minutes session on your Birthday

– Priority booking

– Unused sessions roll-over for a period of 1 month so long as the membership is active.(The intention is that the membership helps you hold yourself accountable to your self-care, so no more than a month roll over)

– Your monthly session can be given to a family member or a friend if you can’t make it.

– The membership can be paused for up to 1 month.

– The sessions can be redeemed at following locations:

At Richmond Osteopaths clinic on Mondays all day, Fridays from 15:00 onwards.
At Twisted Yoga Bounds Green on Wednesdays all day.
At My Welness Centre in Farrington on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 15:00 onwards



It is a month to month agreement and you can cancel at any time via the system. Just remember that once cancelled, you will loose all your unused sessions, price lock, and the rest of the perks.


Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q.Can I give my Membership Treatment away if I can’t make it in?

A. Yes! You can transfer your membership session if you can’t make it to your friend or a family member at £15 if it’s their first time with Jev, or nothing to pay if they have seen Jev before. Just please let Jev know prior or the person won’t be seen due to health and safety protocols.

Q. Can I use my £10 off to schedule services for other people?

A. No. As the membership is for your self-care, you wouldn’t be able to extend your perks to friends or family.

Q. What if I want a 90-minute Massage, is that included?

A. The 60-minute Massage is included, to upgrade it would be an additional £30 for a 90-minute, please contact me to arrange the upgrade. Your membership discount can be used for the following sessions.

Q. What if there is another lockdown?

A. a) If there is another lockdown and you would continue your membership, you will be invited to a Facebook group where I will be running weekly mobility and stretching online classes via Google Meet. If you don’t have Facebook, just let me know and I will email/WhatsApp you the info and links.

    b) The unused sessions will roll over for up to 3 months (3 sessions). Afterwards it will be either renewed or discontinued.

Q. If I cancel my membership and after decide to re-join, will I’ll be able to?

A. If you cancel your membership you loose all the perks like the price lock, and as Jev has only certain amount of availability your cancelled membership would be given to the next person on the waiting list. If there is available membership spot re-joining fee is £15.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

You have 14 days to change your mind and will be offered refund minus £15 per used session to cover the rent of the room. No refunds will be available after the end of initial 14 days from signing up.


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