Massage therapies available at Richmond clinic

Throughout my years of training women, I have always been aware of how movement can be limited by tightness, postural issues and lack of mobility in areas of the body.

My additional qualifications in Sports Massage Level 4 Therapist; Soft tissue work on all kind of abdominal scars such as c-section, hysterectomy, oncological abdominal surgeries; Pre & Post Natal Remedial Massage and Kinesio taping; Breast Cancer Rehab Coach- has enabled me to take these skills and use them to help my clients:

  • feel lighter, looser and more mobile
  • relieve pain and tension
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • sleep better
  • increase their flexibility and move with ease

Following a thorough consultation you can expect:

  • A treatment bespoke to what is going on in your body (I don’t follow a formula – we are all individual)
  • Communication throughout on how the treatment is feeling for you (if you prefer not to chat, pain sensitive, I will respect that!)
  • Assessment of areas of tightness/tension before and after the session
  • Home-care advice on how you can help yourself improve areas of tension, weakness or even the stresses in your day to day life that may be inhibiting your movement or comfort.

Richmond Osteopaths
5a-7a Golden Court
Note: to contact me please send me a message and I will share a phone number. Do not contact the Richmond Osteopaths directly to be booked with me as I am seperate from them. Thank you.